Saadiyat Island The Best place to visit in Dubia

Saadiyat Island is a beautiful part of Abu Dhabi with many things to do, many places to see, and other benefits to reap in.

Saadiyat Island is booming! The aptly named the Island of Happiness is one of the top draws in the United Arab Emirates. But why should you purchase property on the island?

Well, there are many reasons and we’re going to explore them here. Inventory is high in a wide range of categories, but when you’re choosing a place to invest in, it’s best to know what brings people to that place.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of six of the best reasons for you to purchase a house or villa on Saadiyat Island. Read on to learn all about Saadiyat Island so you can make your purchase with the best information available.

  1.  Location

Saadiyat Island is a perfect place to purchase a property because it fits the old real estate adage that it’s all about location, location, location. The island is twenty minutes from Abu Dhabi International Airport. It’s also an hour from downtown Dubai.

With these things in mind, Saadiyat Island represents a good place to buy property because it is easy to access no matter your reasons for purchasing. If you want a property you can rent out to tourists, the short distance from the major airport makes it a big draw. If you want to live outside of Dubai but work in the city, it’s an easy commute.

The island is also beautiful. The beaches are incredible and the attractions are numerous. These factors draw people to the island and that means you’ll have people looking to rent or you’ll be able to sell easily should you want to in the future.

  1. The Beach

One of the biggest draws of Saadiyat Island is the beach. With the Beach Club and the newly opened Soul Beach, Saadiyat Island offers easy access to some of the most pristine and beautiful beaches in the region.

If you buy a property on the island you’ll want to make sure you take advantage of one of the most exclusive beach experiences in the world. The Beach Club is luxury at its finest and owning a property on the island is one way to become a part of that luxury.

The new Soul Beach is also a big plus about owning property on Saadiyat Island. It opened in July 2020. Soul Beach has 400 meters of waterfront for swimming.

There are four hundred beach chairs on Soul Beach. Each is socially distanced from the next. Food delivery is available, too.

This new attraction makes buying a property on Saadiyat Island an even better deal.

  1. Culture and Entertainment

Saadiyat Island is home to some incredible culture and entertainment options. So, if you own property on the island you have easy access to world-class facilities such as the Louvre Abu Dhabi, the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi, and the Zayed National Museum.

These cultural institutions draw visitors and locals alike. It makes visiting or living on the island even more pleasurable. For property owners from outside of the region, these European-centric cultural institutions make living here feel more familiar.

The Louvre is the only other Louvre outside of Paris in the world. When the Guggenheim opens it will join a handful of other Guggeheim museums in Spain, Italy, and the United States.

The incredible Zayed National Museum is a window into Abu Dhabi’s past. The collections and educational experience will keep property owners busy and educated for years.

  1. Work and Commuting

For people considering buying a property on Saadiyat Island because of work, there are plenty of good reasons to put it on top of your list., including the fact that the island is home to a variety of businesses.

For example, New York University Abu Dhabi is located on the island. This campus, one of three NYU campuses located outside of the US, is growing rapidly.

Students, faculty, and staff are drawn to the location because of its facilities, the local atmosphere and environment, and the island itself.

As we noted above, the location of Saadiyat Island, just an hour from Dubai, also means it’s a great place to own a property if you work in the city. It’s far enough from the downtown area to enjoy some peace and quiet, as well as the beaches. But you’ll still be able to access your office with ease when you need to go in.

  1. Environmentally Planned

Development on Saadiyat Island has been conducted with the environment in mind. So, if you are looking for a location in the Persian Gulf that combines accessibility, facilities, and an environmentally conscious approach you can’t do better than Saadiyat Island.

All the homes on the island have been designed with the environment at the forefront of thought and concept. Construction of the buildings also uses an environment-forward approach. The layout of the island has been done with an eye on natural beauty.

What all this means is that if you purchase a property on the island it will blend in with its surroundings. You won’t find eyesores that destroy the natural beauty of this incredible location. If you want a property that combines all this, then Saadiyat Island is right for you.

  1. Tourism

A big draw for many people considering purchasing a property on Saadiyat Island is the ability to rent it out to tourists. The great news is that Saadiyat Island is becoming a go-to destination for people from all socio-economic backgrounds.

Luxury hotels vie with villas and other rental properties. Tourists come to the island because of the choice of types of accommodation and the beaches. If you’re looking to rent out your property for portions of the year, you’ll have your choice of local and international tourists.

Invest in Property on Saadiyat Island

As you can see, there are some great reasons to purchase property on Saadiyat Island. From location to cultural institutions and tourism to beaches, there is something for everyone in this incredible spot.

There are many different types of properties you can invest in, but no matter what you choose, there are things that will draw you, or your renters, to the island. We’re confident you can find something to suit you and that you’ll have plenty of reasons to buy your dream place.

At First Choice Properties, we’ve got a lot of experience in the Abu Dhabi real estate market. We know the local environment and we’re tapped into the best properties. Our team of realtors and experts can help you find what you need.

Get in touch with us today to talk to a realtor about your needs. We’re ready to help you!

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